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        Based on the prediction from Domestic Aged Industry Development Report newly released by National Aged Committee Office, by 2020, the number of domestic aged people will increase to 260 million and will further exceed 300 million and 400 million by 2025 and 2034 and will further reach 480 million by 2050.



        Besides great achievements in investment in various fields and the substantial growth from securities futures for many years, the corporation has successfully helped many enterprises with financing, debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, recombination through strategic service of enterprise development...


        Global strategy

        Harmony corporation--Shanghai
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        Harmony corporation
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        Harmony corporation is the leading service-oriented financing institute in China.

        Harmony corporation--Beijing
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        Harmony corporation
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        Harmony corporation--Shenzhen
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        Harmony corporation
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        Harmony corporation--Hong Kong
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        Harmony corporation
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        Making arrangement around the coastline with global strategy

        There are 19 holding enterprises under it’s supervision, with the focus on key cities around the coastline

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